Despite coincidental circumstances, "The Commish" has won this year's Bowl Pickin's, edging out Meredith (both seen above watching the results of the International Bowl, won by picking Rutgers over Ball State). The win breaks a 10 year skid of losing. Up until this year, none of the winners from the first contest had won (a tie between The Dog, Mom, Kraig & Mindi).

LSU appears to be on their way to winning the National Championship, and the final standings for this year's are published reflecting the results if LSU holds on to win (31-17, end of 3rd quarter). Click here for the results.

It's good to be the Commish!




Like last year, Dad "The Dog" is making his move towards the top spot by winning eight of his last nine picks. Six New Year's Eve games are on tap, with six more on New Year's Day. Standings are here.






Poor starts have been turned around already, as Mindi, Mikyle and The Dog have won all three Saturday games after dropping the first two picks. Meanwhile, there's a four-way tie four first place.


One game is slated for tomorrow, the Hawaii Bowl (Boise St. vs. East Carolina).






Here is the first photo from the Bowl Pickin's Awards Ceremony held after Ken's impressive win. In attendance was the Unknown Comic.

For last year's highlights, click here, also listed as 2006-2007.