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Auntie Ann: Congrats Ken, I won the “Toilet Bowl” (last place) in our league but I am not proud of that Trophy ha. I am proud of the ROSE BOWL winners however
10 Jan 10, 15:26
DrPickaren: This historic win may make him hard to live with. Espcially since the green victory suit clashes with our furniture! Congrats xo
9 Jan 10, 16:36
Commish: Nice comeback, Mikyle!. I didn’t think you differed on enough games when I was try to figure out who could win. Congrats, Ken!
8 Jan 10, 17:43
Kenleigh: gloooghhaaa hhagllla!!!
8 Jan 10, 17:41
Kris: Good win! Congrats!
8 Jan 10, 11:29
MIKYLE: congrats ken
8 Jan 10, 11:29
MIKYLE: I’ll accept 2nd place THIS year. haha. I at last did the best out of the people in my house. hehe
8 Jan 10, 10:17
Michelle: I feel like Kenleigh today!
8 Jan 10, 10:17
Michelle: Congratulations Ken! Maybe next year!
7 Jan 10, 20:35
Flyboy: Game Time! Good Luck Michelle! Might be a tie breaker when it is all over! At least that what the announcers say.
5 Jan 10, 08:42
Michelle: Boise sucks! So much for going with purple uniforms! haha
4 Jan 10, 21:46
Commish: Hmm I don’t think the Dawg or Mikyle can win (after further review)
31 Dec 09, 19:03
Kar: Or call 1-800-KARPICS4U, for the truly funky picks.
31 Dec 09, 19:00
Ms. Molly: Need help with your pickins???? call Ms. Molly who will share her expertise.
31 Dec 09, 09:14
Michelle: Yahoooo!!!
30 Dec 09, 22:53
Commish: Thanks for keeping it going, Kris!
30 Dec 09, 22:52
Commish: Commish says “Have a funky new year”
28 Dec 09, 08:16
Flyboy: Update after Clemson Game! 7- Ken, Steve, Michelle 6- Dad, Garrett, Mikyle 5- Karen, Annt Ann, Grant, Meredith 4- Kris, Karly, Kraig, Mindi, Mary 2-Mom
28 Dec 09, 08:11
Flyboy: 7 Ken Steve Michelle
28 Dec 09, 08:11
Flyboy: Unoffical Results (To be Verified bythe Comish)
26 Dec 09, 20:28
Drpickaren: Kurious, site not updated -kommish 2 and 6 . . . Koincidence?
24 Dec 09, 08:41
Kris: Michelle takes the lead with a Utah win! If SMU wins tonight Steve, Michelle, Krampa and Karen will be tied for the lead. If Navada wins, Michelle will be the lone leader. Things are getting interesti
19 Dec 09, 16:27
Commish: Picks have been sent out. No Scott?
19 Dec 09, 00:39
Commish: First game is @ 4:30!
19 Dec 09, 00:38
Commish: Need a couple of picks from Mom, Aunt Ann, and Ken’s picks didn’t transfer right
17 Dec 09, 19:48
Auntie Ann: I think I got in under the wire, hope the Komish got my picks
17 Dec 09, 05:29
Kris: Let the Bowl Pickin’s begin! I have a feeling that trophy is going to be in Winston-Salem by the end of it!
9 Dec 09, 00:45
8 Dec 09, 13:39
7 Dec 09, 13:59
Steve & Michelle: I think this is our year!
8 Jan 09, 22:01
Steve and Chelle: Congrats from West Virginia ….attaboy
8 Jan 09, 20:18
Flyboy: Don’t tell me who won the bowl pickins…i want to watch the final game
8 Jan 09, 18:47
The Dwag: Overlook my spelling!!!
8 Jan 09, 18:45
The Dwag: Is the Dwag seeing doouble????
8 Jan 09, 16:28
Ms.Molly: Two in a row—–How sweet it is!!!
8 Jan 09, 07:20
Dr. PicKaren: Kudos kommish
7 Jan 09, 17:32
Flyboy: Nanu Nanu Who will be the champ?
6 Jan 09, 22:40
Commish: Is this TWOsday?
6 Jan 09, 22:38
Commish: Could you REPEAT that message?
6 Jan 09, 20:39
Commish: Krazy suspicious!
6 Jan 09, 17:37
The Dawg: I have no compassion for COON HUNTER MIKE because I feel in the same CRAP.
6 Jan 09, 08:49
Dr. PicKaren: Foul! Foul! Komplicity! Komplicity! Another South Carolina victory? Very Kurious
5 Jan 09, 22:49
Commish: The trophy could be staying in SC! Texas 14 OSU 6…
5 Jan 09, 11:36
3 Jan 09, 08:21
Dr. PicKaren: We’re all tied up, it’s crazy suspicious!
1 Jan 09, 21:15
Dr. PicKaren: Happy New Year to ALL from High Point! xoxo
1 Jan 09, 20:30
Commish: Happy New Year! love, SC crew
1 Jan 09, 12:10
Steve: happy new year from Steve Michelle Scott and Mikyle
31 Dec 08, 18:37
Dr. PicKaren: Where’s the love? Mindi’s pix may look good, but the legend is still leading!
30 Dec 08, 21:35
Commish: Mindi’s picks are looking good this evening!
29 Dec 08, 23:07
Commish: Computer problems, unable to update. Hope to have it back soon!
28 Dec 08, 18:34
Steve: Saw Ken and Karly and Kris on TV!
26 Dec 08, 20:14
Steve: Greg i meant to tell you the Games i piced were the Losers… yeah thats the ticket!
25 Dec 08, 22:09
NXTPickinsChamp(Scott): On a hunt for this so called Legend! haha Merry Christmas everyone
24 Dec 08, 07:45
Dr. PicKaren: For Bowl Pickin Advice call 1-800-TheLegend
23 Dec 08, 21:37
Dr. PicKaren: GO TCU…make me a legend!
21 Dec 08, 23:05
The Commish: The Dawg was growling!
21 Dec 08, 19:56
Dr. PicKaren: I just received a threat from the Dawg
21 Dec 08, 19:40
Dr. PicKaren: I like to click on “Game Standings” because it looks lI’m in second place (wait…I AM in second place) AND I like to move it move it!
21 Dec 08, 00:44
Krisizzle: Congrats to Mindi for a day perfect pickin’s!!
20 Dec 08, 21:32
NXTPickinsChamp(Scott): Coach Rod did a great job leading his wolverines to a bowl game!! wah wah wah
19 Dec 08, 16:55
Commish: As Lee Corso says, “Not so fast, my friend.”
19 Dec 08, 11:05
Commish: Picks will be out this evening!
19 Dec 08, 11:04
Commish: Heard from her this morning. She is skipping this year
19 Dec 08, 08:52
Dr. PicKaren: BTW, don’t know if you were able to contact Aunt Ann yet, but I have been doing some detective work and I think I have a lead
19 Dec 08, 08:51
Dr. PicKaren: It begins…!
13 Dec 08, 16:23
Krisizzle: My picks are in for the win! Go Ears!
23 Nov 08, 19:26
Commish: It won’t be as long as it has been!
12 Jan 08, 05:52
Aunt Ann: CONGRATS Kids, Rick won ours his first time. We all missed OSU!!!!oh well there is always next year. It is a lot of fun and something to do in the boring months in OHIO
9 Jan 08, 10:48
Dog: I hate to say it but Congrat!
9 Jan 08, 10:47
Molly: Great pickins Commish
7 Jan 08, 18:28
pickin2beat the devil: West Virginia send it congratulations to a well deserved win
7 Jan 08, 07:50
Dr. PicKaren: Jus Kiddin, Kongrats KOMMISH!!!!
6 Jan 08, 16:13
Dr. PicKaren: Congratulations Meredith!
5 Jan 08, 19:50
Commish: We have a winnah!
3 Jan 08, 08:31
pickin2beat the devil: Stewarts the new coach for WVU
3 Jan 08, 08:31
pickin2beat the devil: I predict the trophy will be coming to Northwoods in WV (next year)
2 Jan 08, 14:03
2 Jan 08, 11:42
Fly Boy: I don’t know but it looks like the trophy will be heading south! Go WVU!
1 Jan 08, 21:02
MIKYLE: Lets go scott, at least bring trophy to WV!!
1 Jan 08, 21:00
MIKYLE: Its just too bad the trophy isnt coming to Northwoods!!! Im so upset with my picks. lol
31 Dec 07, 14:42
Dog: Chem Karly speak English
30 Dec 07, 23:32
Commish: The hat and trophy may like warmer weather…
30 Dec 07, 20:18
Kemistry Karly: SNORT SNORT SNORT!
28 Dec 07, 21:02
B. Kerr: Hey, Karly…Atom 1: I think I lost an electron! Atom 2: Are you sure? Atom 1: Yes, Iā€™m positive! SNORT SNORT SNORT!
28 Dec 07, 18:12
Kemistry Karly: I’ve been busy workin with my revitalization of the proteoglycan molecule…no time for games.
28 Dec 07, 18:10
Dr. PicKaren: Thanks Fly boy…but who is that in last place?
28 Dec 07, 16:03
Fly Boy: Is that Karen tied for 2nd place? How about that! Must be her influence with the man above!
28 Dec 07, 10:02
pickin2beat the devil: I think we should try Bowden on for size Happy New Years everyone
27 Dec 07, 22:26
Commish: Don’t think I want him as coach here. I think WVU is waiting to see how the interim coach does. WVU officials are really getting beat up over their handling of all of this.
27 Dec 07, 08:19
Dr. PicKaren: What you pickers think of Coach Butch Jones?
25 Dec 07, 18:15
Dog: Molly singing could be a threat
25 Dec 07, 18:12
Molly: Molly may have to sing if she wins the pickiins
25 Dec 07, 13:14
24 Dec 07, 21:54
Dr. PicKaren: Santa says, “May the Best Picker Win!” Merry Christmas Eve!
23 Dec 07, 22:56
Commish: If ECU wins, do you know who will be tied for first?
23 Dec 07, 20:06
Dr. PicKaren: GO ECU!!! the Doctor is IN and predicting a BIG WIN
23 Dec 07, 07:31
Fly Boy: Makes you wonder! Four perfect picks…possible collusion? Somebody call coach Rod he wants in on the action.
22 Dec 07, 21:16
Dog:: I liked the So also He was treated wrog.
22 Dec 07, 19:59
Commish: Picked Cinci, but kind of wanted So Miss. to win because of the coach leaving…
22 Dec 07, 09:15
Commish: Wow! Nice to see all the messages!
22 Dec 07, 08:44
Ms Molliy: Will try to control the dawg
22 Dec 07, 08:34
Dog: Sleeping dog bites
22 Dec 07, 07:41
Dr. PicKaren: He is getting hard to live with already
22 Dec 07, 07:20
Fly Boy: Flyin hgih and not on dope!
22 Dec 07, 03:17
Krisizzle: It’s my favorite time of year! Pickin’s Time!
22 Dec 07, 01:04
Aunt Ann: Do the Hudson’s have an inside tract
21 Dec 07, 23:38
Commish: Testing one two! Is this thing working. Hello to Pickers everywhere!

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