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20 Years of Bowl Pickins!

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After 20 years Bowl Pickins is bigger and better than ever! We have a whole new generation of pickers that are making their names known. We may even have some brand new pickers this year! But the veterans still reign supreme with Ann taking her second victory last year. Who will take the coveted 20 year trophy? We’ll find out soon! If you don’t have your picks in yet make sure you send them in ASAP! Games start Saturday!




Bowl Pickin’s 2014/15 Roundup

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The 19th Annual Bowl Pickins competition is in the books and Ann has claimed her second Grand Championship! Ann fought for the lead early in the competition before fading back. She re-emerged just in time to take the trophy. She had the longest streak and picked the closest score in the final game. Impressive!

Mikyle is always a threat and proved to be a strong contender again this year but couldn’t quite pull off the victory. Grant made an awesome run and just didn’t have the picks fall his way in the end. Watch out for him in future games!

There were a ton of people tied in the number of wins in the middle of the pack. Mindi emerged ahead of all of them by picking 64 total points in the final game. Scott and Kris won the exact same amount of games and picked the same final score only missing by 6 points! Steve also had the same number of wins and was 6 points off the final score the other way. A true three way tie!

Karen shook her last place demons and actually had a run for the lead at one point in the season. All time win leader, Ken, took a major tumble in the standings this year. Josh took the dubious honor of finishing last earning himself the toilet bowl.

Thanks to everyone for another great year! Congrats to the Winnah!

Grand Champion Aunt Ann
Longest Streak Aunt Ann
Underdog Pick Ann, Karly, Grant, Garrett
Tie Breaker Pick Aunt Ann




One More Game

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It’s been an exciting season of Bowl Pickins! One game remains. Once the final game is played I’ll put up some stats and the final standings of the season. It’s the Bucs and Ducks for the win!

Ann is the Grand Champion!!! (For Real This Time)

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Ann shocks Bowl Pickin nation knocking Mikyle out of the lead and taking the win of Bowl Pickins 2014/15!! With a guaranteed loss in the Championship there is no way for Grant or Mikyle to come back to win. Mikyle has been a force to be reckoned with since he joined Bowl Pickins and we are sure to see him at the top of the standings again next year. Grant made a serious run at the top spot but came up short with East Carolina’s loss to Florida. This gives Ann her second championship after winning 9 years ago in the 2005/06 Pickins competition. She joins Steve, Scott, and Karly as a 2 time winner! We still have a few games to go, who will take the toilet bowl in last place? Whoever finishes in the top ten gets to sit on the top row of the pick sheet next year. Stay tuned!


Ann celebrates as all the other pickers look on

Anne Ties the Lead in a Shocker

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In surprise win last night Ohio State kicked the snot out of Alabama. That takes Ann into a share of the lead with Mikyle. But with Alabama out of the championship game Mikyle is guaranteed a loss in the final game. The playoffs sure are making things interesting! There are only seven games to go and there are a lot of pickers still in the hunt. This is going to be epic!

Ann taking suplexing opponents all over the place

Playoff Day

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Things are tight at the top right now. Mikyle still holds a one game advantage. Mary has continued her charge extending her streak to six wins yesterday! Garrett suffered his first loss after going six in a row but he is in second with Mary, Grant, Greg, and Scott. Anything can happen today!

On the other end of the spectrum Kris, Ken, Steve and Karen have been mathematically eliminated for being the Grand Champion. Now it’s a race to not finish last!

Kraig and Scott Make Their Move

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Mikyle took two losses last night which drops him into a three way tie for first with Greg and Scott. Mary and Garrett went three for three last night which moved them both up the leader boards. There are three more games on tonight and a ton tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Mikyle tried to wave his Grand Champion flag but he’s not there yet!

Mikyle Still Leading the Pack

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Mikyle is still ahead as we finish another day of bowls. Greg, Scott, and a whole heap of other pickers are looking to take that lead away as we get into a flood of bowl games to end the bowl season. Who will emerge victorious?

After two seasons Karen has gone from finishing dead last to being in the hunt for the Grand Championship! Mary started out strong then took 7 losses in a row. Steve and Ken are usual Bowl Pickins powerhouses that have dropped in the rankings this year. There’s still time to turn it around though!

Steve and Ken are Holgoraging at their poor performance.

Steve and Ken are Holgoraging at their poor performance.

Lets Go Mountaineers!

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It’s game day! Lets go mountaineers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mikyle in the Driver Seat

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Mikyle emerges as the lone leader after an exciting Saturday of football. Greg and Scott are hot on his heels though and there are a lot of pickers in striking range. Stay tuned!

Mikyle tries to run away from the competition!


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