Winds of change!

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It’s been all change at the top of the leaderboard in the last 24 hours with many pickers scrambling for the lead. As we begin the day, Josh’s tactical picks catapulted him into his first outright lead of the season. With the rest of the pack in good position to make their moves, the challenge will be defending the lead to the end.  Pickers are hot on his heels. Stay tuned!



Merry Christmas Everyone!

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…what’s even more exciting than Bowl Pickins season….?

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Bowl PIckin’s Logic

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Collusion Theory

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How else would Myles and Etta be the only ones to pick Toledo over FIU in tonights game picks



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Bowl-pickins are in full swing. And right out of the gate we are off to a riveting, edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting, and … dangerous start. As you may have heard there is a computer virus called Etta that is being used to hack into systems all around the globe. With the high status and high stakes of the bowl-pickins it is no surprise that it was one of the first targets of this vicious code. It may be time to install McAfee on your computers Etta is ruthless and will go to any length to win. Be aware folks, the threat is real. Precaution must be taken to secure your title as the Pickins Winnah!




Posting on the iconic Bowl Pickins site

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Good Luck, Losahs!!!


Bowl Pickins Begins!

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Bowl Pickins is underway and we’re ready to go! Below is a link to picks. As always the stansings will be updated as games finish. Good luck to all the Pickers!!!


Make it a Twofer!

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STEVE IS THE WINNAH! After coming down to a three way tie Steve wins again in dramatic fashion! Kraig and Mary were in the hunt, but with a final score total of 66 Steve claimed his fourth Bowl Pickin’s trophy. This makes him the all time Bowl Pickin’s leader. WAY TO GO STEVE!!!

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